Types of Yoga

Slow Flow: Move mindfully and with intention 

· A class structured to gently build warmth and energy with an intentional fluid sequence, designed to move in and out of poses     in correspondence to breathe.

· The series and time spent in each posture grows strength, endurance, balance, and coordination.

· The perfect coupling of powerful movement to promote mobility and deep stretching to encourage flexibility.

· Suitable for all level yogi’s.


  Vinyasa Flow: Rise to Power   

· Class designed for yoga students who have a strong foundation in yoga fundamentals.

· A powerful class in which breath guides every movement, seamlessly moving from one posture to the next, building heat and cleansing the     body.

· A series that challenges strength, stamina, and balance- mentally and physically.

Chair Yoga: Yoga is for Everyone

· Practice gentle movement in postures done in and/or with a chair.

· Improve flexibility, build strength, and improve coordination safely and effectively.

· Explore breathing techniques and movement that can provide pain relief and improve stress management.


Yin Yoga: The Deepest Stretch

· A practice in which a few key relaxation postures are done providing the deepest possible stretch for connective tissues and fascia. 

· Practice is restorative and postures are primarily done on the floor. 

· Focus is on using breath to release areas of tension.


Gentle Yoga: Relax and Restore

· An incorporation of gentle movements and stretching postures in a well-rounded practice.

· Class is not organized in a flow sequence making it accessible for all ages and body types.



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